Multi-Destination Control & Routing

The more complex the show is, the more important it is to have powerful screen control capabilities. Our turnkey Screen Control systems can be scaled to fit shows of any size, from a simple two-screen presentation to a multi-screen general sessions.

Powerful Multiviewers

Visional utilizes flexible multiviewer processors that give everyone on the crew a comprehensive view of the show, so no one is flying blind.

Ultra HD Blended Projection & LED Walls

Our Christie Spyder X20 and X80 video processors are capable of driving giant blended projection screens and LED walls of any shape and size, and our expert technicians make the most complicated shows seamless.

Visional Screen Control Products:

  • Christie Spyder X20 & X80
  • Fiber Optic Signal Distribution Kits
  • Blackmagic Design 3G-SDI Routers
  • GefenPRO HDMI/DVI Routers
  • Decimator Converters & Multiviewers
  • AJA Converters & KiPro Video Recorders
  • Monitor Kits (24” to 50”)

Visional Rack Solutions:

Spyder X20

3216 Rack

Why Rack?


Envestnet 2019

Visional supported Live Event Solutions for the third year in a row on Envestnet 2019 in Austin TX. This year, LES rolled out the big guns… a massive 110-foot wide, 15-foot tall projection screen that nearly filled the ballroom from side to side! The Screen Control power to push all those pixels came from one of Visional’s Christie Spyder X20 3216 Racks, set up to output a 7920 x 1080 five-projector blended main screen, and SEVEN confidence monitors with overlaid notes, clock and timers. On the input side, Visional Production Graphics Racks and Ai Media Servers rolled full-screen PowerPoint and seamless video clips at 8K without breaking a sweat.

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