Visional GFX Racks

Each Visional GFX rack is outfitted specifically for mission-critical 4K production graphics. The rack includes two custom-designed PCs pre-wired as primary and backup, with simultaneous HDMI and SDI outputs on every channel, so widescreen and multi-screen PowerPoint is a breeze. Also, because the operator monitor output is duplicated as well, sending Presenter View notes to downstage monitors is as simple as routing an output.

Video Playback

Simple video playback should be simple, right? But if you’ve ever had a video package freeze up in the middle of a show, you know how that can derail a production. Our Playback Racks are tried and true, and have a custom workflow that automatically transcodes all videos into the most stable codec available.

Live Streaming

Need to stream your General Session? Visional’s got your back. Our Live Streaming kits can take SDI and audio feeds from your existing production switcher and create picture-in-picture layouts so the web audience can see both the slides and camera feed simultaneously. And we know what to look out for on Facebook Live, IGTV and YouTube Live so your stream stays up for the whole show.

Production Graphics Products:

  • Visional GFX Racks
  • PlaybackPro / Mitti
  • Lenovo T480 Rental Laptops
  • MacBook Pro Rental Laptops
  • Intel Compute Sticks with NDI/Dante

Visional Rack Solutions:

Visional GFX Rack

Why Rack?


AFIRE Conferences

For the past four years, Visional partnered with PRG to bring the event graphics to life at the AFIRE Annual Conference.

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