Interactive Media Tracking

Using BlackTrax with media servers like Avolites Ai and Disguise opens up amazing creative options. Position is transmitted to the server in real-time, so video can react to movement of people or objects on stage. Want to project on a moving screen? How about video titles that hover above each person presenting? The options are truly unlimited.

Automated Follow Spot Lighting

BlackTrax uses small infrared beacons to track motion on stage and turn moving-head lights into automated follow spots. Dramatic moments can be even more effective with high precision spot lighting, and video recordings can have perfect lighting no matter where the presenter walks.

Robotic Camera Control

New advancements with BlackTrax make it possible to control robotic PTZ cameras directly and even auto-follow a presenter’s position, all while maintaining headroom and zoom. We can even program presets to follow multiple people on stage, so you can have one-click presets that go to different subjects directly. Using BlackTrax automation, a single operator can control a 20 camera shoot!

Real-Time Motion Tracking Products:

  • BlackTrax Motion Tracking System
  • Interactive Media
  • Robotic Camera Control
  • Spatial Audio

BlackTrax Motion Tracking System:

BT Sensor Lens and BT Beacon


Creative Generation 2018

Partnering with Australian creative powerhouse IKONIX, Visional helped create stunning visual effects for the 2018 CGEN show in Brisbane, Australia. BlackTrax motion tracking and Notch real-time rendering was used to make pixie dust, starfields, and explosions that reacted to the performers’ movement on the dance floor. During a performance of “A Whole New World”, a motion-controlled flying magic carpet was projected under Aladdin and Jasmine as they danced.

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