Ultra HD & Multi-Screen Content

Visional’s Ai Media Servers are capable of driving content at massive resolutions and synchronizing video across multiple screens. Using Adobe Photoshop-style video layers, we can combine static logos with content from the Visional Media Library to create custom content on the fly!

Projection Mapping

Visional can make any object a screen with Ai’s powerful mapping and blending tools. Add in Notch real-time content generation and BlackTrax motion tracking, and almost anything you can dream up is possible.

Timecode Synchronization

For a perfect show, video, audio and lighting all need to be in sync. With our servers’ timecode synchronization capabilities, you can have a perfect show every single time.

Media Server Products:

  • Avolites Ai Q3 Media Servers
  • Avolites Ai R4 Media Servers
  • Custom-Built Servers
  • Notch Real-Time Content
  • Magewell Capture Devices
  • AJA HA5-4K Quad Split Converters

Visional Rack Solutions:

Avolites Ai Q3 & R4 Racks

Why Rack?

Portfolio Highlight

Passion Conferences

Visional had the incredible opportunity to provide Avolites Ai media servers and Titan consoles for the 2019 Passion Conference. Passion 2019 was an incredible feat; Four simultaneous productions in four locations across the country all run by a single show file. h different setups and output layouts, but with identical programming at all Passion Conference locations. All the operator needed to do was select the venue they were in and the output configurations all changed to suit.

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Our Other Services

Motion Tracking

Show Networking

Production Graphics