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Visional is a collaborative design, production, and event technology agency. We specialize in immersive virtual events, interactive design, real-time VFX, projection mapping, holographic projection, and high-resolution video. Our goal is to develop your ideas into cutting-edge visuals that you and your clients will love.

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From strategy to execution, our combination of innovative thinking, advanced engineering, and design understanding ensure we’re delivering your vision perfectly every time.

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The more complex the show, the more important it is to have powerful screen control capabilities. Our Spyder X20 & X80 systems can scale to fit any show.

Forget boring presentations, let's get creative. Want video titles that hover above presenters or projection moving screen? With BlackTrax, the options are truly unlimited.

Each Visional GFX rack is 4K production ready! Our solution includes two custom PCs pre-wired as primary and backup, with HDMI and SDI outputs on every channel.

Our Media Servers drive content at massive resolutions across multiple screens and with Ai's powerful mapping tools, you can make anything your canvas!

Our UniFi Show Networking system brings together all production disciplines onto one central fiber-optic network. Welcome to the future!

From cutting-edge holographic and 3D stereoscopic projection to custom digital signage, content creation and equiptment sales - Visional's got the visuals you need.

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We create immersive visuals that people love. From corporate events to rock shows, installations to brand activations, we’re ready to create something awesome for you.

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Projection Effects

For cutting-edge visual effects like holographic and 3D stereoscopic projection, only the best will do. Visional will help you make a plan that works and looks great, combining technologies like BlackTrax motion tracking, Holo-gauze, laser projection and Avolites Ai media servers to wow your audience.

Digital Signage

Using our Ai Media Servers and NDI distribution, Visional offers Digital Signage packages that give the ability to create custom signage throughout your venue without the hassle or expense of a traditional web-based signage setup. Social media integration keeps attendees engaged, CSV-based schedule control allows for real-time changes, and Dropbox integration means your client can make changes to the schedule directly.

Equipment Sales

Visional Design Services are always available to help if you’re in need of a custom solution for a permanent installation, such as in a theatre, a corporate lobby or a museum exhibit. We are certified dealers of many of the products that we offer for rental, and we offer long-term maintenance support and on-site training.

Camera Switching

No matter what the show is, it deserves a well-directed camera cut. Visional can help you with the equipment and personnel to give every event a broadcast-quality camera production and recording.

Content Creation

Need custom content for your show? No problem! Visional’s content creation services are available to help you realize your vision. We offer the latest in 3D animation, motion design and real-time rendered content. For simple applications like themed backgrounds, we have stock content options from the Visional Media Library that can be combined with event logos to make custom-looking content without breaking the bank.

Signal Distribution

Every signal, everywhere! Visional’s signal distribution options utilize fiber optic cable and new AV protocols like NDI and SDVoE to make cabling and control easy.

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Our Other Services



Media Servers

Motion Tracking

Production Graphics

Visional GFX Racks

Each Visional GFX rack is outfitted specifically for mission-critical 4K production graphics. The rack includes two custom-designed PCs pre-wired as primary and backup, with simultaneous HDMI and SDI outputs on every channel, so widescreen and multi-screen PowerPoint is a breeze. Also, because the operator monitor output is duplicated as well, sending Presenter View notes to downstage monitors is as simple as routing an output.

Video Playback

Simple video playback should be simple, right? But if you’ve ever had a video package freeze up in the middle of a show, you know how that can derail a production. Our Playback Racks are tried and true, and have a custom workflow that automatically transcodes all videos into the most stable codec available.

Live Streaming

Need to stream your General Session? Visional’s got your back. Our Live Streaming kits can take SDI and audio feeds from your existing production switcher and create picture-in-picture layouts so the web audience can see both the slides and camera feed simultaneously. And we know what to look out for on Facebook Live, IGTV and YouTube Live so your stream stays up for the whole show.

Production Graphics Products:

  • Visional GFX Racks
  • PlaybackPro / Mitti
  • Lenovo T480 Rental Laptops
  • MacBook Pro Rental Laptops
  • Intel Compute Sticks with NDI/Dante

Visional Rack Solutions:

Visional GFX Rack

Why Rack?


AFIRE Conferences

For the past four years, Visional partnered with PRG to bring the event graphics to life at the AFIRE Annual Conference.

Our Other Services

Additional Services

Screen Control

Media Servers

Show Networking

A Unified Production Network

Visional’s Show Networking system brings together all production disciplines onto one network. The system consists of a super-high bandwidth 10 gigabit wired/wireless master node, with multiple fiber-connected nodes that can be placed anywhere you need them. Each node has dedicated VLANs for Dante (Audio), Art-Net/SACN (Lighting), NDI/SDVoE (Video), and a Global VLAN for general use and internet.



Kiss the days of paying for multiple costly venue internet connections goodbye. One wired internet connection at the master node can supply high-speed internet across the entire show network, and each node has a built-in load balancing mesh WiFi access point, so you always have internet where you need it, with no client limit.

24/7 Video


Each Visional networking system comes with four wide-angle security cameras that record to the network controller and — if you have an internet connection — stream directly to the cloud. The cameras are powered over Ethernet, so you can place them anywhere that needs an extra layer of protection, like backstage or front-of-house. They have motion detection and infrared night vision, so even if the room is dark, your gear is safe and sound.



Because our system uses aggregated dual-fiber connections between nodes, you get the benefit of true redundancy across all show disciplines. If one 10GbE fiber line gets disconnected or damaged, the system will automatically re-route data down the working line.

Show Networking Products:

  • UniFi XG Show Networking Master Node
  • UniFi XG Nodes
  • Luminex Nodes
  • Single-Mode Tactical Fiber Optic Cabling 100 – 1000ft


Envestnet 2019

Visional supported Live Event Solutions for the third year in a row on Envestnet 2019 in Austin TX. Holding it all together was the newest addition to our technology lineup, our UniFi Hybrid Show Networking Rack, which uses lightning-fast fiber optic cables to bring the entire production onto one seamless wired & wireless network. From the editors working on graphics to video village, to front-of-house, the whole team had access to internet and file sharing, saving time and energy on those long production days.

Our Other Services

Production Graphics

Additional Services

Screen Control

Real Time Motion Tracking

Interactive Media Tracking

Using BlackTrax with media servers like Avolites Ai and Disguise opens up amazing creative options. Position is transmitted to the server in real-time, so video can react to movement of people or objects on stage. Want to project on a moving screen? How about video titles that hover above each person presenting? The options are truly unlimited.

Automated Follow Spot Lighting

BlackTrax uses small infrared beacons to track motion on stage and turn moving-head lights into automated follow spots. Dramatic moments can be even more effective with high precision spot lighting, and video recordings can have perfect lighting no matter where the presenter walks.

Robotic Camera Control

New advancements with BlackTrax make it possible to control robotic PTZ cameras directly and even auto-follow a presenter’s position, all while maintaining headroom and zoom. We can even program presets to follow multiple people on stage, so you can have one-click presets that go to different subjects directly. Using BlackTrax automation, a single operator can control a 20 camera shoot!

Real-Time Motion Tracking Products:

  • BlackTrax Motion Tracking System
  • Interactive Media
  • Robotic Camera Control
  • Spatial Audio

BlackTrax Motion Tracking System:

BT Sensor Lens and BT Beacon


Creative Generation 2018

Partnering with Australian creative powerhouse IKONIX, Visional helped create stunning visual effects for the 2018 CGEN show in Brisbane, Australia. BlackTrax motion tracking and Notch real-time rendering was used to make pixie dust, starfields, and explosions that reacted to the performers’ movement on the dance floor. During a performance of “A Whole New World”, a motion-controlled flying magic carpet was projected under Aladdin and Jasmine as they danced.

Full Case Study

Our Other Services

Show Networking

Production Graphics

Additional Services

Media Servers

Ultra HD & Multi-Screen Content

Visional’s Ai Media Servers are capable of driving content at massive resolutions and synchronizing video across multiple screens. Using Adobe Photoshop-style video layers, we can combine static logos with content from the Visional Media Library to create custom content on the fly!

Projection Mapping

Visional can make any object a screen with Ai’s powerful mapping and blending tools. Add in Notch real-time content generation and BlackTrax motion tracking, and almost anything you can dream up is possible.

Timecode Synchronization

For a perfect show, video, audio and lighting all need to be in sync. With our servers’ timecode synchronization capabilities, you can have a perfect show every single time.

Media Server Products:

  • Avolites Ai Q3 Media Servers
  • Avolites Ai R4 Media Servers
  • Custom-Built Servers
  • Notch Real-Time Content
  • Magewell Capture Devices
  • AJA HA5-4K Quad Split Converters

Visional Rack Solutions:

Avolites Ai Q3 & R4 Racks

Why Rack?

Portfolio Highlight

Passion Conferences

Visional had the incredible opportunity to provide Avolites Ai media servers and Titan consoles for the 2019 Passion Conference. Passion 2019 was an incredible feat; Four simultaneous productions in four locations across the country all run by a single show file. h different setups and output layouts, but with identical programming at all Passion Conference locations. All the operator needed to do was select the venue they were in and the output configurations all changed to suit.

Full Portfolio Highlight

Our Other Services

Motion Tracking

Show Networking

Production Graphics

Screen Control

Multi-Destination Control & Routing

The more complex the show is, the more important it is to have powerful screen control capabilities. Our turnkey Screen Control systems can be scaled to fit shows of any size, from a simple two-screen presentation to a multi-screen general sessions.

Powerful Multiviewers

Visional utilizes flexible multiviewer processors that give everyone on the crew a comprehensive view of the show, so no one is flying blind.

Ultra HD Blended Projection & LED Walls

Our Christie Spyder X20 and X80 video processors are capable of driving giant blended projection screens and LED walls of any shape and size, and our expert technicians make the most complicated shows seamless.

Visional Screen Control Products:

  • Christie Spyder X20 & X80
  • Fiber Optic Signal Distribution Kits
  • Blackmagic Design 3G-SDI Routers
  • GefenPRO HDMI/DVI Routers
  • Decimator Converters & Multiviewers
  • AJA Converters & KiPro Video Recorders
  • Monitor Kits (24” to 50”)

Visional Rack Solutions:

Spyder X20

3216 Rack

Why Rack?


Envestnet 2019

Visional supported Live Event Solutions for the third year in a row on Envestnet 2019 in Austin TX. This year, LES rolled out the big guns… a massive 110-foot wide, 15-foot tall projection screen that nearly filled the ballroom from side to side! The Screen Control power to push all those pixels came from one of Visional’s Christie Spyder X20 3216 Racks, set up to output a 7920 x 1080 five-projector blended main screen, and SEVEN confidence monitors with overlaid notes, clock and timers. On the input side, Visional Production Graphics Racks and Ai Media Servers rolled full-screen PowerPoint and seamless video clips at 8K without breaking a sweat.

Full Case Study

Our Other Services

Media Servers

Motion Tracking

Show Networking

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Our racks are stacked.

Inspired by our touring experience, Visional’s show racks are designed for quick and easy setup, and a standardized networking and cabling system means that our racks work better in packs. Why build your show from scratch every time, when you can roll in, boot up, and get to work?

Visional racks save time and money by helping you deliver faster builds and more consistent shows for your clients.

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