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Visional is an experiential visual engineering, consulting, and event technology rental firm with expertise in projection mapping, high-resolution video, interactive design, holographic projection, and creative content. Our goal is to help you develop your ideas into cutting-edge visuals that you and your clients will love.

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From strategy to execution, our combination of innovative thinking, advanced engineering, and design understanding ensure we’re delivering your vision perfectly every time.

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Forget boring presentations, let's get creative. Want video titles that hover above presenters or projection moving screen? With BlackTrax, the options are truly unlimited.

Each Visional GFX rack is 4K production ready! Our solution includes two custom PCs pre-wired as primary and backup, with HDMI and SDI outputs on every channel.

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We create immersive visuals that people love. From corporate events to rock shows, installations to brand activations, we’re ready to create something awesome for you.

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